Jul 02, 2020 · One option is to use an additional tarp and a couple of straps or ropes. Another option is to just let the water run down around the tent. To avoid having problems with this your truck tent must have a waterproof floor. Additionally you’ll want to make sure you park the truck on a slight slope with the tailgate downhill so water runs out of ... Jul 10, 2018 · Page 2- Tent or Hammock for B.O.B.? Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum

Custom silpoly tarp

Tarps. Custom/Other. More info. Galleries. Updates. Available in Green 40D silnylon or Green 20D silpoly.OutdoorINK Printed Nylon & Silpoly Fabric by the Yard - Ripstop by the Roll Create custom outdoor gear or specialty printed fabrics for tarps, sleeping bags or quilts, or other outdoor gear. OutdoorINK® print on-demand nylon and silpoly is a perfect choice. The main body of the tarp is made from Olive 17.4 g/m² cuben fiber whilst the peak and tie outs are reinforced with 99 g/m² cuben hybrid material (in a lovely shade of Orange - Cheers @paul). As I was using the 17.4 g/m² weight cuben I wanted to avoid sewing the fabric as much as possible so the tarp is fully bonded except for the tie outs ... Current lead time is estimated at 16 + Weeks MINIMUM on new orders for Hammocks, Tarps and Quilts. Non-custom accessories are still shipping within one week once materials are received if they are not already on hand. We are working diligently to process current orders and lower these production times. The NEMO Asashi 4P Footprint. The NEMO Asashi 4P Footprint is an excellent accessory for all the wild outings with your family and friends. The Nemo footprint is bound to give your tent the desired long life you are looking for continuous use. The 70D abrasion resistant nylon fabric tarp, helps to size an enhanced fit underneath the Asashi tent.

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This tarp can put you well on your way to that elusive sub-7 lb base weight. Set the tarp up as an A-Frame and enjoy the views and ventilation provided by both ends of the tarp. If the weather becomes harsh, the tarp can be set up in a variety of configurations for maximum protection. *Guyline not included* Need another size? Pre-Cut HEX12 Ultralight Tarp Kit - $78 /Kit Get deal $12 ... 1.1 oz Silpoly - a-TACs Fg Camo for $15.50/yd Get deal ... Custom Fabric Sample Pack on Any Order ... See full list on gerald-zojer.com
Bushcraft Outfitters 10' x 10' Tarp. Multicam: This premium mil-spec material has many advantages over the standard backpacking/camping tarp. The MultiCam® fabric has up to five time the amount of water repellant coating of other tarps, which produces a more durable finish. The Quilt can be used as a top or under quilt! Take it to a ball game, or snuggle up and watch a movie at home! Hammock gear should not be just for camping, and what good is a under quilt that is only used for one thing!